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We do not want to just meet your expectations, we want to exceed them. It is this attitude and firm standard, that allows us to maintain such a high level of excellence.

mc jedi

MC Jedi

Carl AKA Jedi has worked with kids his whole life. He has such an affable personality he can warm up to any group in minutes. His big heart & down to earth personality make him a favorite on any party. 
Jedi has been with New York Entertainment for over 10 years. Great dance moves & his infectious smile will have all of your guests up and dancing from start to finish. His nickname Jedi comes from his ability to charm even the staunch wall flowers into the action. He has a real subtle presence that comes across as sincere, and not threatening. He will make the shyest guest feel so comfortable, that they will begin to act like they are at home, cause with Jedi they will be.

mc dontae

Emcee Dontae

Dontae is not for everyone, only the parties that demand the very best. Seriously, he will cost more than your average local MC. If you are planning a chic affair, where your group has seen it all, this guy is just what you are looking for. Dontae excites even the most jaded woman simply by looking at them. He knows how to entertain the kids & brings a sophisticated energy to your dance floor. The boys love him cause he has some street credibility. Dontae is en fuego! 

Dontae covers so much ground on a party, you'll think you are seeing double. One Moment he's dancing with your best friend, turn your head and there he is with all of the kids doing something so funky cool, it's just screams fun!!!

mc jesse

MC Jesse Dawson

A veteran on the North Jersey/New York party scene. 
Jesse has worked with many of the finest DJ entertainment companies. Frank Sinatra said it best in his song “New York New York,” If you can make it there, you’ll make it any where.” Well he did our kids love him. Looks charm and a passion to entertain, make this guy a great choice for your next affair.

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