Modern Vintage


These band members have been thrilling metro DC audiences throughout 2013/14. They have converged over 100 years of musical experiences and talent together to form Modern Vintage.

The band mates came together to share their unique passion to deliver great fun, energetic, soulful, family friendly music with a common interest in musical styles, genres and gigging expectations. Many of the members have played for years in venues and events ranging from festivals, taverns, restaurants, cafes, weddings to Stadiums, and Arenas. Music has been such a strong force for all of these members throughout their life's. They will tell and share stories of how music has been a staple with them since they where children and although these members have "day time jobs and their doing alright", living life for them with out the ability to play, creating and perform music would not be complete. They are quite thankful that they have been able to sustain their lifelong passions and evermore excited that they have and can share their love of music to the world!




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