Dance Masters

For over 30 years, Dance Masters Entertainment has been providing excellent DJ service to the Baltimore area. Trust that when you work with us, you'll get much more than your typical DJ. By offering a DJ team of 2 people, you can rest easy knowing one will be focusing on the music while the other can help with all of the line dances, videographer and much more.

Don Fowler - owner, operator, DJ, light specialist

Don has a reputation from his clients of being passionate, professional, energetic, trustworthy and dedicated. If you're looking for a creative blend of old and current music, Don is your guy. Don's experience and vast musical knowledge will make him a hit at your event!

Sue Fowler - owner, operator, bridal coordinator, dancer

For an energetic, warm and friendly bridal coordinator and emcee, Sue is just who you're looking for. With a background in both dance and the wedding industry, Sue can bring a unique insight to your event. At every wedding, Sue makes many extra efforts to get the most out of your special day.

Derek Heckler - video DJ, emcee, IT specialist

Derek, a recent nomination of the DJ Times DJ of the year and the winner of the DJ Times Game of the Year, offers unparalleled DJ expertise. His extensive background in IT will bring you the latest DJ technologies. When you work with Derek, you can expect his well-planned coordination skills to bring you what you were expecting and more.

Tim Hamel - DJ, emcee, dancer

Young, charismatic and interactive are only a few of the superb things that our clients have been saying about Tim. His strong background in theater and dance makes him a natural on the microphone. Your next event will be a hit with Tim's musical skills and heartfelt passion.

Dena Fowler - light tech, dancer, videographer

Dena's parents own and operate Dance Masters Entertainment and have taught her a passion for music and dance. Her experience with assisting her parents at events has given her the perfect preparation for her own career as a lighting tech, coordinator and assistant dance instructor. Dena is the perfect, enthusiastic professional to have at your next event.

Chris Reisler - DJ, emcee, dancer

Chris is a truly unique DJ that you won’t find anywhere else! Besides DJing for over 5 years, he’s a professional dance instructor at Towson Dance Studio, an Eagle Scout, and guitar player. Chris also received his bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in English from Towson University.
With over 8 years of theatre experience, DJ Chris has no problem commanding an audience and capturing their attention throughout an event. Despite his calm and laid-back demeanor, rest assured Chris will get the party started and keep it going all night long!

Becky Reed - bilingual emcee, bridal coordinator

Becky is our extremely talented bilingual MC Coordinator. She is outgoing, organized, and detail-oriented. A true all-around people-person, Becky can liven up any event while also making sure the day unfolds seamlessly.
Her academic accomplishments include a bachelor’s degree in both Spanish and International Studies, as well as a master’s degree in Teaching. Outside of Dance Masters, she has been teaching spanish in Baltimore for six years. Becky also commonly organizes functions and events including proms and trips abroad. Her superior public speaking skills, organization, and fun-loving attitude make Becky the perfect MC Coordinator for any event!

Elise Marengo - bilingual emcee, bridal coordinator

Looking for a Spanish speaking emcee? Elise is our fiery bilingual emcee, speaking both Spanish and English. Elise is always enthusiastic and friendly, and has a passion for Latin dance. Elise's charisma and attention to detail will make her an invaluable part of your party team. She has been singing and dancing her entire life, making her the perfect entertainer for your next event!




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