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With a background in basic art and a love for children, Jocelyn, CEO and Owner of Playful Faces, has been able to combine interest in the fascinating fields of  Face-Painting, Body Art, and Henna.

Jocelyn began drawing in her early years of high school while attending the High School of Fashion Industries located in New York City. In her sophomore year, Jocelyn won a writing contest and was selected as the School Ambassador, sending her on a five day trip to Denne Hotso, AZ to explore and engage the Native American culture. It was there her love for children matured and she realized her full love for the arts.

After an excellent career in the agent/sales field for creative works, Jocelyn took a step forward to develop her own identity and Playful Faces was born.

Today Jocelyn covers a plethora of events both corporate and private with a list of wonderful clients, some big and some small, but all thoroughly satisfied.



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