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Jesse Magee is a music producer, composer, songwriter, professional drummer and has a 3+ octave vocal range. He has been in professional studios many times and learned from the best in the Industry. His experience spans over 10 years playing and recording with rock bands and recording music at Wrightway Studios, Sheffield Recording Studio and with Carl Restivo Studios in Los Angeles. He has produced many of his own songs and helped others produce theirs, with So Close, a 12 track full length CD being his most recent project.


Jesse will work with the band, session musicians and the studio engineer to "produce" the right sound for your recordings. His role will be to provide an extra set of ears, to produce a certain sound or to provide experience. Jesse may be involved with arranging parts of the track or even writing it. Jesse will creatively guide or direct the process of making a record, like a director would a movie. Having a great producer on your team will make the difference in how your music is going to end up as a finished musical representation of your talent and songs. For that reason, if you are an artist, and you are serious about making the best record or demo you can, know that getting the right producer working with you can many times make or break the outcome of your whole project. Jesse has the skills and a good track record and works well with new and emerging bands or extremely experienced musicians, always with a laid-back personality and professional work ethics.


What exactly will Jesse will do you for you FREE        

• Meet with your band (or the artist) to discuss the direction or vision of the music
• Help decide the order of the songs on the CD/EP
• Shorten or help re-write the song for industry standard playing time
• Attend daily recording sessions to assess instrumentation, timing/tempo, sound, pitch and help you decide harmonies etc.


Musical Style/Genre

All styles of rock including alternative, indie, heavy metal, hard rock, pop rock and punk.


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Shamrock Manor
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